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Review of Pensions in Small Superannuation Funds

1 Background to the review

In the 2004-05 Budget the Government announced a number of measures to improve the integrity of the superannuation system that impacted on self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) and other small superannuation funds (Appendix A).

The measures included new regulations that took effect from 12May 2004 for defined benefit pensions (Appendix B). Under these new rules defined benefit funds and funds providing defined benefit pensions must have at least 50 members. The Government introduced these new rules to address tax avoidance arrangements, and to strengthen the prudential standards, relating to these funds.

After the integrity measures were announced, the superannuation industry broadly supported the need to limit abuse of superannuation schemes for tax avoidance or other non-retirement income purposes. Nevertheless, the superannuation industry and representatives of small superannuation funds argued that the defined benefit pension integrity measures reduce the range of income stream choices available from small funds. They also argued that the measures are not well targeted, and that the Government’s concerns can be addressed through other means.

The Government put in place the following transitional arrangements to address any unintended consequences arising out of the Budget measures:

The key tasks of the review are set out in the terms of reference.


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